Prototypes Workshop


Laboratory’s aim

There is a set up space that is equipped with a complete gamut of resources and tools of high manufacture which allow the modelling of prototypes for the structuring of innovative projects in the framework of technological research.


Software Utility
ArtCam 2011 64 bits  Code G generator for CNC machines
Vector Magic Image vectorization for dxf export
SSCNC Lathe simulator
CNCSimulator Pro CNC machine simulator
Solidworks 3D and 2D modeling
AutoCAD 3D and 2D modeling
CorelDraw Image processing software for Laser designs
Sketchup 3D modeling
CAMbam Code G CNC router generator
Eagle Electronic components
Altium Designer Electronic design and simulation
Mach3 Mini router controller


  • HAAS four-axis vertical machining center
  • CNC Yunnan Machine Tool Works lathe, model CY-K360n/750
  • Laser cutter model LX-1290 and design station
  • Router Industrial table of high production, model Laser MXR-1325 of 1300 x 2500 mm


JESUS LAFARGA (Copiar)Jesús Manuel Lafarga Chávez
Mechatronics Engineer