Designing, Modelling and 3D Printing


Laboratory’s Aim

Through the available computing design systems, sketches are traced; this way are digitalized the prototypes which are to be taken to modelling for the pertinent testing before starting the production.


  • Blender (open source)
  • Adobe suite ®
  • Solidworks ®
  • Sculptris (open source)
  • Meshlab (open source)
  • Meshmixer (Freeware Autodesk®)
  • Matter control (open source)


  • 3D filament printer
  • 3D resin printer
  • 3D scanner
  • Equipment for 3D designing and modelling with workstations.

Laboratory Manager

Pablo2José Pablo Estrada Medina
Industrial Engineer




javier_eduardoJavier Abitia
Industrial Processes Engineer