Triple Helix Model

The triple helix model is centred on the analysis of relations and interactions between universities and scientific environments as first helix, enterprises and industries as second helix, Governments and their administrations as third helix.

This paradigm describes and rules the basis for accessing to economic development based on fomenting dynamic interactions between universities, industries and the State, organisms in which interaction they become strategic associates through a trilateral relationship.

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About the PIT-UAS


To fuse business and academic sectors, in order that they jointly work with the Government in the improvement of local enterprise’s technological innovation and technological development, so that through the strengthening of state technologies the technological dependence can be overcome and the gross domestic product can be positively affected, with which it is pretended to contribute so that quality of life in Sinaloa increase.

To materialize the Park’s auto-sustainability, which will be possible thanks to the scientific-technical specialised personnel the UAS gave to the PIT-UAS for its operation, as well as the university initial investment destined to make feasibility studies of technological development and innovation projects.



Impulsar el desarrollo de Sinaloa, a través del fortalecimiento de sus capacidades tecnológicas en campos esenciales del conocimiento, desde la plataforma transversal estratégica que suponen las tecnologías de la información y la comunicación (TIC).


Ser un parque con presencia internacional, gracias a la calidad del desarrollo tecnológico y la innovación que aporte, lograr que éstos sirvan para la transformación y el impulso al crecimiento en los sectores empresarial y académico.

General objective

Applying the economic growth model of the triple helix (Government, university and enterprise) and from the strategic transversal platform represented by the ICT, through the PIT-UAS, the University pretends to promote Sinaloa’s development via the strengthening of technological capabilities in the State within essential fields of knowledge.

Specific objectives

1Through incorporating innovation, strengthening regional economy’s productivity and competitiveness, with the purpose of achieving a sustained economic growth and accelerating the creation of high-specialization employments.

2Contributing to the generation of scientific and technological knowledge, thanks to the implementation of basic and applied research projects in every general line of knowledge application.

3Generating, applying and integrating technologies knowledge, in order to give solutions to problems from the local, regional and international environments.

4By means of the strengthening of grade and postgraduate educative offer via professionaliser modalities and in the industry, fostering the formation of highly-qualified human resources in areas linked to technological development and to innovation, profiles currently demanded by the state and the region.

5Supporting the consolidation of quality academic bodies for the basic, applied and technological scientific research.

6Enriching university technological modernization and advising the institution in the matter of technological supports for management, applied research, teaching, linkage, expansion, technological development and innovation.

7Constituting an own incomes source for the institution, derived of the commercialisation of innovative intellectual property, products and services.


With the objective of creating a support ecosystem for diverse sectors of our society, within the PIT-UAS’ facilities is offered a wide gamut of services for new enterprises, entrepreneurs, students and researchers.

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